Monday, December 3, 2012

Tidbits {December 3, 2012}

School is kicking my booty, but I still found some joy in all the madness...

1.Christmas time is upon us. I don't know if you understand how happy I am about this. Bring on the cookies and the Christmas Pandora station.

2. Finals grind. Time for the power of positive thinking.

3. Chef Vikki's incredible breakfasts: eggs to order and homemade banana bread. Fabulous to wake up to.

4. My friend Kenan told me how much she loved bread pudding, but the first time I had it, I wasn't a fan. My mind was changed this week. OBSESSED. Like ate 3 bowlfuls obsessed. Bring on the bread pudding and rum glaze. HEAVENINMYMOUTH.

5. Tara. My best friend since freshman year. I don't know where I'd be without her (and her hugs and perfect holiday texts filled with emoticons). She's headed off to Florence, Italia, next semester and I miss her already. Def remembering to cherish the ones I love during the holidays!

6. Some afternoons call for brownies coated in powdered sugar. Wednesday was one of those afternoons.

7. I'll never understand fruit cake. Saw this at the grocery and couldn't help but wonder who enjoys these! If you do, I'd love a taste review. I'm just...confused?

8. Rekindled my love for Words with Friends. Sorry for the beat down, Mama.

9. Friday called for a Chickfila date with Katy and Emily. My stomach thanked me.

10. Beautiful sunset.

11. Holiday cookies have arrived! (Yes, I am disappointed in myself for the store bought treats, but desperate times people!)

12. Fro-yo date with my freshman suitemate and dear, dear friend, Sophie was wonderful. The $8 I spent at Sweet Frog was well worth it. And yes, I was the girl who went back for seconds. Motioning for free refills, if you care to help me craft a petition.

13. A wonderful start to a crazy Saturday.

14. Oh, you don't have a group text going with your parents at age 20? That's so weird. Texts like these make it well worth it.

15. Oh, and in case the Christmas lights didn't get you in the spirit, Elf is def on TV like every night until Christmas. THANK GOD. This movie never ever gets old.

16. For the love of French bulldogs. This dog made my day.

17. In case you didn't believe me, I have gone to Jersey Mike's every week since I committed myself to doing so. My taste buds are happy.

18. Lastly, the Dog Effects App. It's free. Do it.

Here's to finding more things to be grateful for in this tough week ahead!


    Also now I'm starving. Thank you for that.
    And that picture of you and Tara is adorable.

  2. I love all your recipes especially the checken ones