Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tidbits {December 28, 2012}

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas. My family and I enjoyed a relaxing, wonderful day. We went to Mass on Christmas Eve and it was beautiful. On Christmas Day, we woke up and ate breakfast and opened our stockings. We volunteered at a local church serving Christmas lunch to the poor for a couple of hours after breakfast. When we got home, we opened presents and ate dinner. It was a twist on our traditional Christmas, but it really reminded me what Christmas is all about - GIVING! I'd love to make the volunteering an annual tradition.

I am so behind on my Tidbits - it's terrible! Finals + Christmas Baking = Distraction. So, here goes nothing (and everything). Feel free to check out my Instagram for more (I have an addiction).

Smile fries. Thanks for a happy end to finals ADPi.

I-85S can be really pretty.

These three pictures are just a few of the reasons why I LOVE being home - peanut butter M&M's, good coffee, my pup, and grilled cheese.

I did so much holiday baking it was absurd...and awesome. Check out my holiday recipes here, here, here, here, here, oh and here.

I love this, and how perfect around Christmas. John 3:16.

I'm obsessed with my puppy, Roxie. BFFs.

Thanks to Julie over at Table for Two, I am now the proud owner of this incredible Calphalon pans. #grateful (can you hashtag on blogs?)

My mom hosted a Wine Exchange Party. She rocks.

My best friend Nick and I had a Nothing But Noodles and SAS Cupcakes date. It was lovely.

My aunt, uncle and cousin delivered my family a BIG box of Cheryl's Cookies. I openly wept tears of joy.

This sunset is real. And amazing. My mom and I were mesmerized on our walk.

My kitchen accessory stockpile grew immensely over Christmas. This ADORABLE hot pad and oven mit were a gift from my best friend, Tara. She is leaving me to study abroad in Florence next semester. While I am utterly depressed, I can't wait to read about all of her adventures on her blog, Tara's Travels!

Babysitting over Christmas Break = baking and decorating Gingerbread men!

Riccio's Italian Restaurant is THE BEST Italian food in Charlotte. GO EAT THERE...NOW.

Captain Crunch. I'll never grow up. Sorry 'bout it.

Festive nails.

Ghost of Christmas past? I clearly love Santa.


My favorite ornament - my mama's okra angel.

This text from my dad was so cute...but I am still confused at who this Catherine girl is. 20 years later and I'm left questioning my identity - is my name spelt with a K or a C?!

Someone explain to me how you learn to decorate cakes online. Please, people. Some things are better left OFF the Internet.

Foodie for life.

I hope you all have a Happy New Year! I'll be headed to New Orleans with my family! If you have any recommendations on places for us to visit/eat at, feel free to comment below :)


  1. OK - your dad spelling your name wrong cracks me totally up. My mom once had to call me to ask how to spell my middle name :)
    I love your pictures - such great captures!
    Are you doing a Keepsy album with your 2012 Instagram pictures? You totally should. I think you'd love it as a keepsake!

    1. I will definitely have to check that out! I'd love to have all my pictures in one place! Thanks for the tip!