Saturday, March 2, 2013

Project 365: February

So, first of all, hello! I have been quite MIA. I hate that being at school means cooking and baking takes a back seat, but such is reality when I don't have a kitchen. I will try to be back with a new recipe soon, but I can't guarantee when that will be! Gah, real life. Please forgive me!

For now, let's take a trip down February's memory lane...

February 1st: I went home the first weekend of February for some relaxation. My first night back, my family and I ate at our favorite Italian restaurant, Riccio's!

February 2nd: Roxie and I enjoyed a lazy Saturday on the couch. She is the greatest to veg out with.

February 3rd: My family and I went ALL out for the Super Bowl. We had tons of appetizers, a big pot of jambalaya (NOLA theme!), and brownies shaped like footballs! I was STUFFED. Super Bowl = winter's Thanksgiving.

February 4th: Whenever I go home for the weekend, I love staying as long as I can and driving back Monday morning before class. This particular Monday, my drive was made much more beautiful thanks to this sunrise.

February 5th: Another amazing sky scene - loved staring at these puffy clouds!

February 6th: My friend, McKay, and I baked cookies for our bus ride to Indianapolis! Sometimes break and bake is the best option :)

February 7th: I had to attend a conference in Indianapolis, but to get there required a TWELVE HOUR charter bus ride through the Midwest. At least Ohio had some pretty scenery?

February 8th: All of us conference attendees had a blast going out in Downtown Indianapolis. We managed (somehow) to even have the VIP section reserved at two random bars!

February 9th: On Saturday in Indianapolis, I was able to meet up with my aunt, uncle, and cousins who live in Indiana. We had a fabulous lunch at Mesh and I loved spending time with them. Hate that we live so far away!

February 10th: Sunday was an early morning to begin our voyage back home, but at least our incredible hotel had nice views!

February 11th: I randomly found $10 in my jacket pocket, along with some Bible verses, and couldn't figure out where these things came from! Suddenly, it hit me. My mom slipped them into my pockets when she sent me my coat. I love that woman. (slash Happy Half Birthday to me - haha!)

February 12th: I am OBSESSED with Trader Joe's. OBSESSED. This particular trip to Trader Joe's made me even more in love. I was confused about a product and the manager ripped it open and let me sample it. That's service, y'all.

February 13th: The Tar Heels took on the Blue Devils on the 13th, and while we lost, these cupcakes sure made the day more fun.

February 14th: I may be single, but this Valentine from my sorority's chef's son (did you follow that relationship?) sure did make my day. He made it for me because I always let him read his joke book to me!

February 15th: My friend, Warner, and I got all decked out in hippy attire for a fraternity cocktail!

February 16th: My parents came to Chapel Hill for the weekend which was such a nice treat. We ate a delicious lunch at Panera, went shopping, and made dinner in our hotel room. I absolutely love spending time with those two!

February 17th: While I was out with my parents on Saturday, I missed a package that came for me. My Mimi sent me her famous homemade chocolate chip cookies - to die for! She is so wonderful.

February 19th: This sunset was unreal. It looked like the sky was on fire!

February 20th: The next morning, this was the sunrise I woke up to! The sky was wildly beautiful those two days!

February 20th: I had a midterm this Wednesday night that I was SO nervous about! I found this penny, heads up of course, in the library while I was studying and took it as a sign of good luck.

February 21st: Some Thursdays call for cinnamon coffee cake and lemon poppy seed loaf, don't you agree?

February 22nd: My best friend, Nick, came into town from Clemson! We always have such a blast together and this weekend was no exception. On Friday, we had a delicious dinner at Shiki Sushi!

February 23rd: On Saturday, Nick and I, along with our good friend, Tom, spent the afternoon at Target and Chick-fil-A. What more could you ask for?!

February 24th: After a week of TERRIBLE weather, Chapel Hill finally saw some sun. My friend Kenan and I soaked up the rays with a long walk around town. We want to check out the greenway when spring actually decides to stay!

February 25th: After a nice stroll the day before, Kenan made my day once again by leaving this sweet note on my desk. Thoughtful people rock.

February 26th: I don't know how many times I can say it, but my mom is the best. Ever. Period. End of story. She always finds a way to pop up right when I need her, even though she's hundreds of miles away! She managed to sneak this note into a notebook of mine for me to stumble upon. It's true, God doesn't make junk!

February 27th: My sorority hosts a Scholarship Banquet every semester and gives out Gerber Daisies to chapter members. There's no way this pretty flower couldn't have brightened my day.

February 28th: This photo is somewhat of an after thought because I was busy helping set up UNC's Greek Groove (a sorority dance competition). While I wish I had pictures of the event, I only managed to snag a shot of the free shirt I got! But hey, it's cute!

So there you have it folks, February 2013. I am hoping for a happy March! Preferably, with more cooking and baking involved! Hope you all had a happy February!

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